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Orphans First Mini Video

It has been a while since I posted. (My apologies!) I will spare you of the excuses, legitimate as they may be. Instead, I’ll go ahead and post the Orphans First Mini Video to remind us of what’s important. I appreciate your prayers for the children-in-crisis, the...

Christmas in February – The Star

Christmas came and went too soon—especially for the kids. But here’s some good news: The Star, one of the finest and “funest” animated children’s Christmas movies to hit the cinemas last year, is now out in blu-ray and DVD. The Star recounts the Christmas story from a...

The Refugee Crisis, Through the Eyes of Children

The worldwide refugee crisis is a complex issue with no easy answers. It is hard to imagine what it feels like for a child to arrive on a foreign shore hungry, wet, exhausted… Or what it is like for the parents taking such a risk in hopes of giving their children a...


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