It has been a while since I posted. (My apologies!) I will spare you of the excuses, legitimate as they may be. Instead, I’ll go ahead and post the Orphans First Mini Video to remind us of what’s important.

I appreciate your prayers for the children-in-crisis, the orphaned, neglected, abused, exploited, and impoverished kids everywhere. Oh, and the unborn. I think of them too–particularly on the eve of a pivotal election here in America when unborn children’s lives are at risk of extreme cruelty as certain politicians continue to support partial abortion–a horrendous act in which a fully formed baby of 9 months gestation is chopped apart mercilessly and the parts sold for big bucks).

Thank you for your prayers for Orphans First and children-in-crisis everywhere. Keep watching this channel for a link to our new revamped website – coming soon. Meanwhile, enjoy this video (with original music by singer-songwriter Francesco DeMeo).