Adopt an Orphan

Orphans First is not legally set up to adopt, but encourages and educates on how.

Frequently Asked Questions about Adoption

1. Does Orphans First provide a way for people to adopt children?
Orphans First is not set legally up to actually transact adoptions. However, we do encourage godly, Christian people to adopt.

2. How can I adopt a child? What is involved?
You first need to find a good adoption agency and inquire about adoption procedures. You will then probably have to do some paperwork with your local authorities. When this is done, you will have the needed status to become a potential adoption parent or parental candidate. Read carefully the ideas below.

3. Are the children sponsored by Orphans First adoptable? Can they be adopted?
At this present time, no. We do not work yet with lawyers and are not yet set up for adoptions. Maybe this will happen in the future. Meanwhile, we are delighted to help children in an orphanage setting which functions as a godly family, providing love, care, schooling etc. through sponsors.

4. Is adoption costly?
Yes! That's why you need to get your church and other people involved to help and to pray. God is able. Cost shouldn't shut doors, not if prayer precedes and God's will is in it.

5. Does adoption take a long time?
Not always. Some good agencies are able to work fast. Prayer is key again, and the Orphans First Prayer Chain has been instrumental in praying for adoptions. You can join us in prayer by subscribing to the weekly prayer chain online. Artur's story was the result of Orphans First prayer, and was reported in the Fredericksburg, Virginia Front Porch newspaper, as well as the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star in February 2003 and again in June 2004.

6. Will I make a good parent? By God's grace only. If you let Christ help you, you will, by His grace. I recommend being involved in a good Bible teaching church where you can grow in God's Word and in His grace and love. I recommend that you be under the spiritual covering of a good pastor. Good parenting begins with Christ and with sound Bible doctrine to show us how and where to begin: With His Spirit to lead, guide and love through us, it is possible. I hope to reprint my book, Heaven Help Me Raise These Children! to make that available to parents. Focus-on-the-Family is also a useful resource.

7. I can't have children, so should I adopt?
That's not a sufficient reason. It can be a selfish motive that causes us to try to fill our own need by seeking to adopt a desperately needy child. A person should adopt not to fulfill their own need but because they are filled with God's love being compelled by God's love, whether they can have children or not. It may be God's heart for you, but test your motive before pursuing this route.

8. Who should pursue adoption?
In my opinion, the best candidates to become adoptive parents are born-again adults who are filled with God's Spirit, emotionally stable, and belong to a solid, Bible-teaching church.

9. What are the necessary steps for adopting a child?
MOTIVATION I believe God's heart is for stable, godly Christians to pray about adopting. A person should not pursue adoption for selfish motives, out of his or her own need, but because the person is filled with God's love and is available to share that love as a parent to a needy child. Sterility is all too often the underlying motive of adoption. Yet parents who already have children often make the best adoptive parents. Or what about those who could have children but choose adoption for this simple reason: The world is already full, we've already multiplied and filled the earth, so what about becoming parents to the children who have no parents? This is a special call, and something very close to the heart of God, for He has adopted us. Think about it. Pray about it. COURAGE Although adoption can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive, God is able and willing to provide if we set about doing it the right way. What is the right way? Here are some tips to help: Pray. Get others to pray. Set up a prayer chain specifically for your adoption. Pray that God would open all the right doors, close the wrong ones, and that he would pick the child best suited to your parenting ability. Contact good adoption agencies to find out procedures. Then, do all the right legal procedures to become an adoptable parent. Get your church involved to raise money for the adoption. Contact any and every available group or association that might give grants and financial help for adoptions. Get good spiritual counsel on adoption. I can help here. Be sure your motives are rooted in love, in self-sacrifice, and in Christ. This is the only basis for adoption or any kind of parenting. ARTUR Twelve-year-old Artur from Russia was successfully adopted by a beautiful Christian family. But there are still many more children, particularly older ones, needing godly parents.  

10. Where can I learn more about taking the plunge and adopting?
Adoption Blessings Journal is a free, 20 page Christian outreach publication sharing testimonies of life and adoption by adoptees, birth parents & adoptive parents.  Visit the Adoption Blessings Journal website for more information.

11. Can you recommend an adoption agency?
International Family Services 107 Harrison Avenue Manor, PA 15665 724-864-952 or 800-619-8435 Family Hope International—for the adoption of older children and summer hosting program For His Glory Adoption Outreach in Haiti—a nonprofit Christian organization facilitating adoptions to Christian families in the US, Canada and Europe. They are also an outreach ministry coming alongside other ministries in Haiti that need a helping hand. Their goal is to help the children of Haiti and see them know Christ.

Recent Work

  • Pastor Mike Walker Visits India Pastor Mike Walker Visits India

    I recently visited the work of Orphans First in India, and wasn't disappointed. One of the children’s homes in Guntur was the highlight of my trip. As I played with and ate with the children in Guntur, it was evident that they were being taken care of both physically and spiritually.