West Africa

There are multiple countries in West Africa Orphans First supports.

Orphans First, Togo Africa
The DeMeos first visited French-speaking Togo in the early nineties when they still lived in France (where they ministered for 22 years prior to coming to America). Their visits were catalyst to igniting the hearts of the people in their church who then joined them in prayer for this country—and for the many children in need. No doubt, prayer paved the way for Louis DeMeo to meet Pastor Koudjo from Togo who has now founded a church in Benin and runs the Orphans First children’s ministry there.  Partnering with French missionaries mentored by the DeMeos in their church in France, Orphans First helped many children in Lomé. They provided funds for various projects, and sponsored several children. Here is the story of one such child—a boy who is now a grown man following Jesus.

Orphans First in Abuja, Nigeria
In Nigeria, we’ve worked with the Calvary Chapel Church in Abuja – specifically with a young man, Brett, who was previously a student in Louis DeMeo’s missions class. For our Christmas Project, we’ve given over 400 Bibles and Bible coloring books to poor children in Abuja.

Orphans First in Libreville, Gabon
We do work with a church and Bible School in Libreville where we are able to teach and invest in the people when we visit, however we do not yet have a specific, long-term ministry to poor children in Gabon at this time. Pastor Jean-Sylvestre was also a Bible student mentored by Louis DeMeo when he was in France. Many families have adopted in that church – a gesture which goes against the current since adoption is taboo. Gabon is a richer African country and, like many of the countries we work in, also French-speaking.

Orphans First in Ivory Coast
Ivory Coast is French-speaking and the country is filled with many war-victim children – and AIDS orphans. We help a Christian Day School run by Pastor Emile in Ivory Coast. The children are very poor. Pastor Emile was partly mentored by Louis DeMeo when the DeMeos were missionaries in France. We also help an orphanage run by a friend’s ministry from time to time.