Orphans First supports work in Moscow and Belerus, Russia

Although the last decade has brought some improvements for the general conditions in which Russian children live, Russia is still filled with street children and neglected orphans.

Moscow, Russia
In Moscow, we have worked with both street children and orphans in state orphanages. Many street children are from a gypsy ethnic group (Tadzik), and are not accepted into Russian society, which is why they end up on the streets. (We previously worked with a girl called Alexandra to reach these children.) We are now partnering with Pastor Alexey Klimenko and his church for this project. Alexey also works with us on seasonal projects to reach the neglected children in orphanages. Please pray we can expand this work and reach more children both on the streets and in the state orphanages. In St. Petersburg, Russia, we have done varying projects to help state orphans. Through our PRAYER CHAIN, we have prayed for older orphans in a certain orphanage and seen many of them be adopted by godly, forever families in America.

Belerus, Russia
Belarus is a poverty-stricken land where the orphanages lack many basic necessities.

Thanks to your donations, Orphans First has helped orphans in Minsk, Belarus. With the blessing of his church, Sergey has headed up the Orphans First Christmas Project in Belarus over the years, bringing gifts, food and hugs to precious orphans in the name of Jesus.

Polina and Tanya, two orphans in Belarus, are enjoying a special treat—fruit provided for them by Orphans First. Fresh fruits are rare in Belarus orphanages. In Belarus we have given gifts to desperately poor children in state orphanages as part of our Christmas Project.