Although Africa is more evangelized than Europe, it’s still a desperately needy mission field.

The most neglected areas in Africa are the following: The children. Africa is filled with abandoned, abused, enslaved, impoverished, orphaned children. French-speaking Africa—which comprises of about half the continent. Because French-speaking missionaries are rare, the francophone African nations are greatly lacking Christ-centered input. The repercussions? Increased child abuse, neglect, abandonment . . .

That is why Orphans First’s work in these nations is vital! Louis & Janey DeMeo, both fluent in French, began working in Africa in the eighties, initiating the planting of churches and children’s programs. Since its foundation, Orphans First has actively ministered in Africa—particularly, although not exclusively, in French-speaking West African. We work with children who are abused, exploited, enslaved, impoverished, sick, hungry or orphaned—as well as street children and AIDS victims. We have reached out to children in many African counties including: Togo, Ghana, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Benin, Nigeria, Central Africa, Burkina Faso . . . The DeMeos visit Africa frequently and some trips have included medical missions.

By God’s grace—and through the generous partnership of sponsors—we hope to establish children’s homes and orphanages in several of the countries where we already have a children’s program.

Recent Work

  • Pastor Mike Walker Visits India Pastor Mike Walker Visits India

    I recently visited the work of Orphans First in India, and wasn't disappointed. One of the children’s homes in Guntur was the highlight of my trip. As I played with and ate with the children in Guntur, it was evident that they were being taken care of both physically and spiritually.