Michael Walker

I recently visited the work of Orphans First in India, and wasn't disappointed. One of the children’s homes in Guntur was the highlight of my trip. As I played with and ate with the children in Guntur, it was evident that they were being taken care of both physically and spiritually. The family that runs this orphanage are dear friends. During my visit, I attended their daughter’s wedding. About 5 million people attended (I’m exaggerating, but close eh). I was impressed to see that all 22 children in this particular Orphans First children’s home were invited to the wedding. And they had a blast! Donning new clothes and great big smiles, they were as excited as the bride and groom. I was also able to see the other two Orphans First homes as well. And the children are prospering in all of them

Michael Walker www.gracemontreal.org

Barbara Roth

My name is Barbara Roth and I’ve been a supporter and fundraiser for Orphans First for the past 14 years. Over the years I’ve watched this wonderful organization grow in leaps and bounds under the founder, Janey DeMeo, a dear friend of mine. We have raised monies to help with the needs of the children in the Orphans First programs--including the Christmas Project. This organization has ministered to many children across the world. But there are so many needs. As supporters: we can help provide for these precious lives. The truth is children are being orphaned for many reasons. Where would they be without an organization like Orphans First, which is completely and totally dedicated to the cause. I am honored and truly humbled to be a part of such a worthy ministry.

Barbara Roth Las Vegas Women's Ministry