About the Founder

Janey DeMeo is the founding director of Orphans First, a non-profit ministry to suffering children in the world. (She had already founded Sauver les Enfants!, a non-profit children’s ministry in France.)

Janey’s passion to help suffering children, orphans, street children, neglected and abused children is evident in her communications and, although she is also known as a Bible teacher and inspirational speaker, much of Janey’s writing and speaking relates to the needy children. Janey has inspired and mentored many to go out and work with needy children.

Janey is also a speaker, author, freelance writer and pastor’s wife. She is the author of several books and booklets (in both French and English) and has contributed to many compilation books for teens, families and women. She also wrote a chapter in Sexually Exploited Children (Marc pub.). Janey’s parenting book, Heaven Help Me Raise These Children!—Biblical Direction for Practical Parenting Issues, is both a 22 chapter reading book and a workbook offering practical and spiritual insight: Janey is author of Mon Dieu, ces enfants! – a biblical parenting book in French (Editions Vida ).

Janey’s writing has appeared in many Christian USA publications including: Discipleship Journal, Focus-on-the-Family, Brio, Breakaway, Single Parent, Indeed, Youth Walk (Walk-Thru-The-Bible), Charisma, Sports Spectrum, World Christian, Pulse, Assist News, Good News, Inc…She has also written newspaper articles and wrote regularly for a French news magazine, l’Avènement for several years. Her articles have also been published in other European publications including Donna di Donna (Italian), Concepts (French), and l’Amandier (Swiss). Janey’s writing has also appeared in a Korean publication.

Janey taught in the Theological Institute of Nimes, France for twenty years (founded by her husband), and then taught at Calvary Chapel Bible College for two years. She has taught women in many countries including: France, Italy, England, Switzerland, India, Holland, Romania, Hungary, Ghana, Togo, Gabon, Central Africa, Canada, USA.

Janey and her family were missionaries in France for 22 years, where they planted churches, a theological seminary and Christian day school. In late 2003 they moved stateside and now travel to different missionfields teaching, training and ministering to national leaders, initiating programs and ministries to help suffering children and orphans, and mentoring in church-planting, evangelizing and children's ministry.

Janey and her husband, Louis, have also worked with the Helsinki Commission and US congress to combat religious discrimination and persecution in France.

The DeMeos have two children, daughter and son—both born in France. They also have a son-in-law and enjoy mentoring young people. Janey’s passion to help suffering children, orphans, street children, neglected & abused children gave birth to Orphans First which has orphanages and street children programs in several countries. Much of Janey’s writing relates to the plight of these children--although she also writes on many topics.

Orphans First has children’s homes and street children programs in several countries, and helps suffering children all over the world in diverse ways. It is dependant upon the generous prayer support and financial contributions of individuals.